Soundtrack, music by Laurent Baudoux & the FAN CLUB ORCHESTRA

In Memory of Angel-a Terranova


Artist: Sun Papa & the Fan Club Orchestra
Title: An Insane Portrait
label: Sonig
Format: LP, vinyl (sonig 85LP)
Releasedate: June 2013

"The use of music and sound are so great - the film shows how important music might be to someone who is blind" Lorna Boschman

It's no secret that the Fan Club Orchestra has always been one of the favourite acts of the Sonig crew.
Since their formation in 1999 the FCO has undergone several personal changes, from a ten person Game Boy music ensemble via collaborations with prominent guests such as Mike Kelley, Jacques André or DJ Elephant Power to a trio with Johnny Superglu on guitar. For this soundtrack recording the line-up has been reduced to a duo of Sage Ann on bass and Brussels producer Laurent Baudoux aka Sun Papa on organ, synthesizer and drum machine.
The FCO has recorded a beautiful and atmospheric soundtrack full of magic melodies, dreamy home music & Mario Paint synth-tunes for Fabrizio Terranova's insane movie on Josée Andréi, an artist, blind from birth. Shot on location in San Francisco, in the witch house of the painter, tarot reader, photographer and graduate in psychology and in modern literature. The record is finally out on vinyl in a Risograph style vintage OST cover. Limited edition, of course.

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