An Insane Portrait possède quelque chose de l'ordre de l'apparition. Une apparition : quelque chose qui clignote si délicatement devant nous qu'on n'est pas sûr que ce soit un mirage, une vision, ou autre chose. Mais après, on n'est plus pareil. L'apparition c'est ça, on l'emporte avec soi et alors on est transformé pour toujours, qu'on le veuille ou non. Maintenant je vis (et surtout je dors) en compagnie de cette Josée qui réverbère sur moi sa présence à travers le film de Fabrizio Terranova.
- Emilie Hermant

I had not heard of her before but want to thank you for the introduction. Josée is a real inspiration for living a full life. The aesthetics of your film seem to match her - definitely not a traditional documentary, more like a glimpse into her way of interpreting sensory information. The use of music and sound are so great - the film shows how important music might be to someone who is blind. And the cinematography was also great - the scene where she is getting in and out of bed, playing the flute, or the shot of her hair dryer covered with paint. All the trees and the sound of the wind. All of her singing, the Johnny Guitar theme, somehow seems more personal than a traditional conversation with the filmmaker.
- Lorna Boschman